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According to a recent study down by RealtyTrac, foreclosure rates in Baton Rouge occur with 1 in every 2730 housing units. In September 2017, a little more than half of the foreclosed homes in Louisiana were in auction, while a little under 25% were bank owned. No one wants to be involved with a foreclosure […]

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The spring and summer seasons are upon us and it’s not long before gardening fever comes about. But what should you plant this spring? If you’ve recently relocated to the south, the Addis moving company understands you may not be aware of the flowers or vegetables that flourish in hot and humid environments. All My […]

Finding a roommate can often be a challenge. After all, you are basically agreeing to sign a binding agreement to live with a stranger. How do you truly know this person isn’t going to leave half way through the lease or are accustomed to live in filth! There is no doubt finding a good roommate […]

Selling your home is not always an easy task, and selling your home in winter is even harder. Typically, the spring time is the best time to sell your home. This well known fact affects the whole home market. Even Lafayette movers offer better prices to attract customers on the winter, because not many people […]

We believe that the Lafayette moving company is the best place to look for reasons why people are moving to Lafayette. Our Lafayette movers meet people from all over the country, families, professionals, young and old, and we hear firsthand why people are moving to our part of Baton Rouge. Lafayette is Happy Lafayette has […]

Holiday decorating can get expensive. Do not let the price of decking the halls take the joy out of the season. Baton Rouge storage professionals from All My Sons Moving & Storage would like to provide you with some tips to help you save on holiday decorating. Do not be afraid of the dollar store. […]

If you are thinking of security in new home, you are not alone. Although Baton Rouge is a safe city to raise a family, many people still want to take the basic precautions and ensure that their homes and belongings are safe. After the local Baton Rouge moving company has left, what can you do […]

Moving to a new place is tough, and moving gets even harder when you have to completely change cities and neighborhoods. Humans are creatures of habit; forming new habits are stressful and time consuming, and require a bit of trial and error. Finding your place within a new community is not straight forward and can […]

Just moved to Baton Rouge and looking for ways to save on Halloween? Our Baton Rouge movers are here again to save the day! After just completing an all-inclusive move to Baton Rouge, money can be a little tight. Here are some creative ideas for DIY Halloween costumes from items you may already have. Mickey […]

Believe it or not, long distance moving does not have to be a pain in the neck. Relocating long distance can definitely get expensive when it comes to a full-service moving company, which can be a huge issue for many people. If you are being moved across the country for career purposes, chances are good […]