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How to Find a Foreclosure in Baton Rouge

According to a recent study down by RealtyTrac, foreclosure rates in Baton Rouge occur with 1 in every 2730 housing units. In September 2017, a little more than half of the foreclosed homes in Louisiana were in auction, while a little under 25% were bank owned. No one wants to be involved with a foreclosure on their property, but they do offer a unique opportunity for buyers to purchase a home or property at a quality price.
How do you find houses up for foreclosure in Baton Rouge? The best place to start would be at a foreclosure auction. Sites like RealtyTrac and allow you to check out different properties, their status and the date and time of the auction. Just make sure to check with your local East Baton Rouge County office to find out how the sales are handled and ask about any necessary paperwork needed.

Another way to find foreclosures is to look at those homes that were seized by the bank. Most banks do not sell homes directly to investors or home buyers, but go through a real estate agent or company. Sites like Zillow,, Redfin, and more allow you to check out local properties in the Baton Rouge area. But remember to still contact the county office to ensure you know how to properly purchase a foreclosed home.

There are many ways to find houses up for foreclosure in Baton Rouge. Our local Baton Rouge movers hope that you will find the home for you- and if you need help relocating, remember to give us a call!



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