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Packing a Moving Bag for a Newborn

If you’re a new parent either for the first time or all over again, then congratulations from the All My Sons Baton Rouge movers! We know how challenging it can be to go through the process of raising a child. Additionally, we understand the obstacles that come with moving into a new home, let alone doing so with a baby to care for. From obtaining packing supplies, to getting utilities transferred, it’s tough! That’s why we’ve made it easier for you. Below, we’ve outlined the things that you need to know to pack for a move with a newborn child.

 Pack Your Newborn’s Non-Essential Items

Your child’s non-essential items include the toys and clothes that they can live without for a few days. You’ll want to take a small or medium sized cardboard box (obtained at roughly any location that sells packing supplies in Baton Rouge) and pack it up with anything that isn’t critical to your baby’s day to day. Don’t forget to label it. While these are the “non-essential” items, that doesn’t mean that you want to go hunting for them later.

Move on to the Essentials

With every move, you’re going to want to pack an overnight box composed of the most important items that you’ll be needing for the first day or two in your new home. When moving with a baby, you’ll want to pack a separate essentials box for them. As a parent, you know what this includes, but just in case, here are the things you need to pack:

Diapers, pacifier, pajamas, baby’s favorite toy (whatever makes them stop crying,) formula/food, breast feeding equipment, bottles, blanket, baby wipes, medical supplies.

Anytime you need to move with a child, especially a newborn, you need to call All My Sons Baton Rouge movers as soon as possible! Let us take care of the moving and packing, so that you can focus on the more important things.



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