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Louisiana’s 90-year-old Olympic Gold Medalist

This past October, 90-year-old Mary Elizabeth Norckauer competed in nine events in the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games and won each event’s gold medal, six of which were track and field events that she broke the standing American record for. Although her competition results are pending official approval, Louisiana is proud that Norckauer represents living a healthy lifestyle no matter what your age.

Since her 90th birthday, Norckauer has been an ice skater, ballet dancer, champion archer and pistol shooter, baseball player, competitive runner, and now an Olympic medalist.

Norckauer told The Advocate during one of her three weekly trips to the A.C. Lewis YMCA gym in Baton Rouge,“I like to keep moving. It’s a way of life. Fitness is a way of life. It’s not just something you go and decide to go and go to a fitness club once a week. It’s keeping in condition.”

However, Norckauer does not compete just to stay active, she loves sweet victory.

“They’re always dangling a carrot,” Norckauer said. “I’ve always been tempted. If they give a medal or some kind of award, I’m there. I don’t care if it’s keeping my yard, keeping my house nice, training someone to do something. Do the best you can no matter what it is.”

When she turned 90 this year, she knew that she could beat some records for her age group and she has no plans on stopping.

“As long as I’m able,” she said. “Why stop? If you find something that works for you, just keep moving. In fact, I have goals to 100,” says Norckauer.

Norckauer lends us all some great advice, stating that you should never stop learning and that there is always something new that you can learn and try to be your best at. If you are moving to Baton Rouge and have elderly members in your family, they too can take part in the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games, but Norckauer is going to be one tough cookie to compete with.

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