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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Moving with Pets…

When you’ve been in the moving industry as long as your professional Baton Rouge movers have, you definitely accumulate some stories of very bizarre nature. Even stories of people fusing nature with their home! Stories of very brave individuals have been catching the attention of your local Baton Rouge movers lately. It seems that it is becoming increasingly popular for animal loving adrenaline junkies to live with very dangerous wild animals. I’ve heard/read such accounts of people who literally have lions and tigers as roommates. Animals which, though not in their most natural of habitats, are far from domesticated pets. I am relieved to have not learned of any when-pet-lions-attack incidents yet, but still can’t believe the staunch courage possessed by some of these wild individuals.

Your Baton Rouge relocation specialists don’t move animals of any species, be it a hamster or a tiger, but what an interesting conversation it would be to discuss relocation services with such an extreme nature enthusiast! Variety is the spice of life, so in a way we really need pioneers such as these to entertain our imaginations. To those who have the urge to merge wild life with home life, your reliable Baton Rouge movers salute your fearlessness. However we do ask that if you plan to schedule a move date any time in the near future, that you select a date which will be after your animal roommates have already moved!

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