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Develop a Moving Budget

Moving costs add up rather quickly. So, preparing a moving budget is key to ensure you stay on track with your expenses. Below are areas you should consider when formulating your moving costs.

  • Transportation is one line item you must consider. If it’s a long distance move, how will you get there? If driving you must factor in gas. If you’re flying you must add in cost of airline tickets.
  • The actual chore of moving is another line item. How are your belongings getting there? Are you hiring Baton Rouge movers? If so, what are their costs?
  • Supplies is another one. How much will your packing supplies cost?
  • Lodging and food must be considered. Will you need a hotel stay? What are you going to eat? How many people will be eating?
  • How much is additional moving insurance?

The categories above will help you formulate your moving costs. Add a column for miscellaneous items, this should cover your movers’ tip and anything else that pops up.

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