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Baton Rouge Mover Offers Water Heater Knowledge!

If you live in a house with a family, large or small, hot water can be a bit of a precious commodity! It is probable that there are several different schedules which the members of your household operate on, but showers can still be an issue depending on your water heater. Perhaps you are moving in Baton Rouge to a new home which doesn’t seem to have the same amount of hot water that your last place did. If you have ever taken the small panel off of your water heater, you may notice that there is a small knob which you can adjust with a flathead screwdriver. This dial controls the temperature of the water inside the water heater. For family-households, cranking this dial up is a tip worth considering so that less of your hot water source is needed for each shower. If each member of your home is able to enjoy a nice comfortable shower, you’ll have a much happier home!

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