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Avoid These Moving Mistakes

Avoid These Moving Mistakes

To help your move go smoothly, your Baton Rouge packing company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, offers these common moving mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Failing to Research Your Mover

It’s so important to thoroughly check out your Baton Rouge packing company before committing to a contract. You should know if your movers are licensed by your state’s Department of Transportation, if they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau and if they have good references.

  1. Packing Heavy Items in Large Boxes

The heaviest items should always go in the smallest boxes. You have an easier time lifting smaller boxes that are heavy, rather than large boxes that are heavy. Your back, shoulders and legs will thank you. No matter what size box you are packing, the heaviest items should go on the bottom, with the lighter things on top.

  1. Leaving the Outside of Boxes Blank

You should label your boxes thoroughly. Include the room it’s going to in your new home, information on the box’s contents and handling instructions. The more you label, the more time you save on moving day and during the unpacking process.

  1. Forgetting to Pack an Essentials Kit

Smart movers don’t make these kinds of common moving mistakes. Make sure that they have a personal essentials kit, to have on move-in day and night. Every member of the family should have one and it should include: scissors, a screwdriver, sheets, pajamas, toiletries and medications. This essentials kit is basically your survival kit for the first night or two, so don’t forget it. You can use a box, suitcase or whatever you want. Just make sure that it is easily accessible on moving day.

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