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The Red Stick of Louisiana is infamous for its bustling industry and career opportunities. This is especially true in the month of May. If you have recently moved to Baton Rouge, the professional movers and packers at All My Sons have a list of the top things to do in Baton Rouge in May.


  1. The 2017 Influential Women in Business LuncheonAre you a professional woman and want to mingle with some of the most influential women in business? Interested to learn from the best? The 2017 Influential Women in Business Luncheon is just for you! After moving to Baton Rouge, get to know some other influential business women in the area at this great event!
  2. The 90s Bar CrawlOne of the most fun things to do in Baton Rouge in May for younger individuals, the 90s Bar Crawl is aimed at millennials that want to experience the world of the 90s once again in 2017.
  3. Celebrate GalaAnother interesting Baton Rouge May event you can attend is the Celebrate Gala. It will take place in the LSU Stadium.
  4. The Happy Running Club Baton Rouge 2017All My Sons Baton Rouge also recommends to those who love to run and drink, to experience Happy’s Running Club. Taking place in the beginning of June, the event is an amazing and fun experience after moving to town. Be sure to gather all the details and register in May for the event.

The day of your big move has come, but you haven’t hired anyone to help you out? All My Sons Baton Rouge is a local moving company that can not only help you move, but also provide top packing services in Baton Rouge to make the entire process simple. If you have not yet hired a moving company and need some help hiring a mover, let us give you some expert guidelines.


When to Hire Professional Movers

The answer to this question is always. There never is a scenario when a professional moving company is not the option. A local mover that offers packing services in Baton Rouge is going to make your move very simple, no matter how short of a distance you are moving. If you are moving long-distance to Baton Rouge, a professional moving company is going to take care of the long-distance moving logistics, especially if you are moving across state lines. Just make sure that the moving company you hire has a USDOT number – a license that they can cross state lines with your household goods.
When to Hire Packing Services in Baton Rouge
If you are moving, it is best to opt for the packing services from the moving company you hire, as long as they are a full-service moving company it should not be an issue. However, if you are not moving and you need help packing items for transport across town for an event, you can still contact a packing company in Baton Rouge to help.

There’s nothing more exciting than finally moving to your own place. Whether big or small, your first apartment will be a place of memories for the years to come. That’s why the expert movers at All My Sons share the things you will need when you move into your first apartment. With over 25 years of providing the best packing services in Baton Rouge, our movers know the top apartment essentials.

 The Basic Furniture

Whether you are moving into a small or a big apartment you will need some basic furniture. This includes a table and a few chairs for your dining area, a sofa, coffee table and a floor lamp for your living room and a bed, dresser and a night table for your bedroom. In case you want your own office area, make sure to include a desk, chair, lamp and a bookcase as the essentials.

Necessary Essential Items

The list doesn’t stop with the basic furniture. According to All My Sons Baton Rouge, most people forget some of the most essential items every new apartment needs outside of the furniture. These include bed sheets and pillows for the bedroom, as well as blankets for the bedroom, toilet essentials for the bathroom, cutlery for the kitchen, and more. Don’t forget drapery or blinds for bedrooms and living room as well.

If you are moving into an apartment in Baton Rouge, skip the packing and invest in packing services with your moving costs. Our professional movers and packers can make moving simple and stress free.

Packing is one of the most important steps of the moving process. If you are wondering how to pack your most precious possessions, All My Sons is here to help you out. Our moving crew are also expert packers, offering packing services that include your most fragile possessions. If you are not opting for complete packing services for your move to Baton Rouge, our team has compiled some of the most common tips for packing fragile items tips.

Packing your Plates

  1. One of the best ways to pack your plates, vases, and other glass items is to wrap them up in bubble wrap. Make sure to wrap each plate individually and then put them in a box. Make sure to secure the plates with additional packing peanuts. Our movers and packers in Baton Rouge suggest using newspaper and scotch tape for the plates, if you don’t have bubble wrap and old T-Shirts instead of packing peanuts, if necessary.
  2. Packing Large Fragile Items (such as Mirrors)For larger items, such as picture frames and mirrors, you will need tape, some foam protection, and bubble wrap. Make sure to first tape the mirror in a star shape from all the sides, to prevent it from shifting in its frame. Then, put some foam frame protection and wrap it up in bubble wrap. In case you don’t have bubble wrap, you can also use stretch wrap.


Ditch packing altogether and opt for packing services from your local All My Sons Moving & Storage company.

Allow All My Sons of Addis to reassure you that if there’s one thing we know how to do in Louisiana, it’s how to have a great time and St. Patty’s Day in Louisiana is no exception!

We Are All Irish

Though our state is best known for crawfish, the bayou, and Mardi Gras, we know how to enjoy the Irish heritage so many of us claim to have in the United States. On St. Patty’s Day in Louisiana, we are all Irish no matter where you are from. So, open those moving boxes and find all the green clothing you can put on, and get in the spirit of things this St. Patty’s Day!

Head into Baton Rouge

All My Sons of Addis is only a few minutes’ drive from the great city of Baton Rouge. If you just moved to Addis, then take this opportunity to visit the big city just a short drive from your new home. There is no shortage of great vibes and lots to do for everyone including families with kids. You’ll likely spend a lot of your St. Patty’s Day in Louisiana in Baton Rouge itself!

New Orleans

No guide to St. Patty’s Day in Louisiana would be complete without at least mentioning New Orleans. But we advise those who are considering making the hour and a half drive to the center of the Southern Universe to know what they are getting into. Be sure to get there early, and it may be best to stay in a hotel room because New Orleans is going to be crowded!

With that being said, All My Sons of Addis definitely recommends visiting New Orleans within the first month after moving to town.

Ask anyone at your local Addis moving company and they’ll tell you that you should be spring cleaning every year. If you are moving to Addis soon, then you should consider spring cleaning before the Addis moving company trucks arrive!

Since All My Sons Moving & Storage likes to be thorough and to cover all bases in everything we do, our Addis moving company spring cleaning pros have decided to ensure this list covers both the clutter cleaning and the actual house cleaning that make up a spring cleaning project.

Be sure to refer back to this post before moving to Addis because you’ll save time and money with these spring cleaning tips!

Spring Cleaning Clutter

This is the part of spring cleaning that Addis movers are best at. We know how to pack and move! It’s important that you decide what you don’t want to take with you before moving to Addis and a little spring cleaning before the Addis moving company arrives will help with that.

Start with your closets and storage spaces. Make three piles: keep, maybe and donate. When you’re done, go through the maybe pile one more time and put those items in one of the other two piles. You must end your spring cleaning with two piles: what to keep and what to donate. Be strict with yourself!

Home Spring Cleaning

We recommend moving on to cleaning the house. Start only after you have cleaned all the clutter and donated anything you no longer need. Use this time to ensure that all the corners and hard to reach spots in storage spaces are cleaned while empty.

If you are moving to Addis soon, be very thorough in your cleaning techniques. Your security deposit may depend on it!

It may seem strange for an Addis moving company to proclaim that spring time is the best time of the year, but if you have just moved to Addis, then you’ll soon understand why. Addis is more than just a little quiet city near the famous Baton Rouge. Addis movers know that there’s much more that the city has to offer.

Our little corner of Louisiana is truly a great place to spend spring time. The first people you’ll interact with are going to be the Addis movers who will be unloading and unpacking all your belongings into your new home. With that in mind, we want to do what no other Addis moving company is doing by offering you and your family a list of the best hot spots in Addis Louisiana this spring.

Addis Museum

The Addis museum is on the National Register of Historic Places because of the wealth of Addis, L.A.’s history. The museum is located nearby the All My Sons Addis moving company offices and it remains a must see for new comers this spring.

Poplar Grove Plantation Home

Addis movers love spending time outside during spring time, it’s one of the perks of the job! Spend time outside with your family and visit the Poplar Grove Plantation Home. Much like the Addis Museum, this is a place of great historical significance that preserves the history of Addis as a part of the state of Louisiana.

Splash Pads

If you’re looking for a way to let the kids blow off some steam after moving to Addis, than all of our Addis movers recommend checking out Splash pads, which is an outdoor park catered to kids.

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You may be thinking, “Why would an Addis moving company have tips for spring time lawn care? Aren’t they just Addis movers?” Well you’d be wrong. Long distance Addis movers have experience in many areas of home care. We have brought families from all over the country to live in our little corner of Louisiana and most of them have the same issues when trying to care for their lawn in spring time. This is the best time to move and the best time to plant a garden, but if you’re from Boston, St. Louis or Seattle, then you aren’t used to the weather, soil and atmosphere of Addis LA.

That’s why our Addis movers are the right people to these share tips for spring time lawn care!

Prepare Your Lawn

Every job should begin with the proper preparation. That’s a sentiment we take seriously. All My Sons Addis movers prepare vigorously to move you and your family and that’s what sets us apart from any other Addis moving company.

In your case, preparation is at the top of the list of tips for spring time lawn care in Addis.

Weeds – most lawns in the south are filled with weeds and if your new home was not maintained well, then your lawn may be crawling with weeds. Start with a moderately powerful weeding agent.

Mowing – after about a week, begin mowing your lawn and get used to it. The weather in Louisiana is perfect for plant growth, so you should expect to mow your lawn often.


We suggest using plants and flowers that are native to Louisiana. These are our picks for the five best flowers to grow in your Addis Louisiana garden:

  1. Autumn sage
  2. Southern magnolia
  3. Louisiana phlox
  4. Louisiana irise
  5. Swamp sweetbells

The spring and summer seasons are upon us and it’s not long before gardening fever comes about. But what should you plant this spring? If you’ve recently relocated to the south, the Addis moving company understands you may not be aware of the flowers or vegetables that flourish in hot and humid environments. All My Sons, a local Addis moving company, has created a guide to help you plant your perfect spring garden in Addis this year!

As March and April approach the weather begins to warm up and creates the perfect environment to begin your gardening, or does it? As a pro tip from your local Addis moving company, we do suggest checking the temperature of your soil prior to planting any new warm weather plants. Although the air is warm, the soil may still be too cold to host any warm environment plants. If your soil temperature is between 60°F and 65°F, then you are ready to start your beautiful garden.

If you are starting a purely vegetable garden there are several veggies to choose from such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, corn and squash! As the temperature continues to heat up try planting other vegetables including eggplant, peanuts, pumpkins, okra and hot peppers. Have a variety of veggies in your back yard can certainly save you money throughout the warm seasons in Addis.

For those looking to adorn their home with flowers and trees, not to worry your local Addis moving company has you covered. There are several beautiful plants that flourish in the south during Spring and Summer. Consider adding a few annuals to your garden for a huge boost of color! Ageratum are fuzzy blue flowers that can easily adorn the entrance of your home. For colorful potted plants add a few Celosia’s to your garden. They appear in a variety of colors that are sure to capture the attention of passerby’s. As a final touch to your spring garden in Addis, plant a few Angelonia Serena Series to really boost the beauty in your garden. These flowers bloom all season long and can truly withstand the harsh heat of Louisiana in the Summer months.

Finding a roommate can often be a challenge. After all, you are basically agreeing to sign a binding agreement to live with a stranger. How do you truly know this person isn’t going to leave half way through the lease or are accustomed to live in filth! There is no doubt finding a good roommate is a mission but your local Addis moving company has put together a list of the best places to find Roommates in Addis, as well as, what to look out for when deciding on a roommate.

Where to find a roommate?

There are several resources these days to find roommates. You can update your FB, Instagram and Twitter announcing your search for a roommate. You can also try the world’s largest classified ads, Craigslist. Craigslist has several benefits, the main one being your reach. Your post has a much higher possibility of being seen, however that also means you need to be more scrupulous. There are scammers and such on Craigslist so you need to make sure you do your research prior to signing any paperwork. There are also specialized sites such as or These work similar to dating sites, you complete a profile and your answers to questions are then used to match you with potential roommates.

How to pick a roommate?

Now that we know roommates in Addis are abundant, how do you know you are picking the right roommate? The Addis moving company knows there are several factors to consider when deciding on your future living partner. Get to know those person’s you matched with or whom replied to your ad. Is their personality similar to yours? Does the person seem trustworthy? Communicate with them and learn about their habits, likes and dislikes. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few people, consider meeting them in person. As a precaution, the movers from the Addis moving company suggest taking a friend along for safety. Be sure to discuss your expectations in regards to splitting bills, and privacy. Ask about their job and if it is stable. If you feel as though you found a person that meets all your expectations, ask them to be your roommate. Do not be discouraged if you do not find someone immediately. Much like finding a significant other, finding a roommate can take time. Do not settle for less.